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"We consider wine as beneficial to social integration and to social contacts. As people enjoy wine responsibly they do not just appreciate the quality of our product, but also all the love and care that we put into it.

The Casalis Douhet farm has successfully specialized in wine and olive oil production since the early 1980s.

If the quality of our wines and olive oils has provided us with recognition in the marketplace, our plantations at the Istituto Colosimo in Naples definitively matches with our philanthropic vocation to help the people in need.
We orient ourselves to our customer in a focused manner as we arrange our human and financial resources.

The key elements of our business strategy are:
the satisfaction of our customers’ requirements and the quality assurance of our products in terms of authenticity, traceability and hygienic standards."

"La vite... momento di vita. Casalis Douhet... momento d'insieme".